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Jaime Suralta Accounting Firm

Introduction of Jaime Suralta Accounting Firm


Jaime Suralta Accounting Firm Profile

Address CA Los Angeles Los Angeles County 409 Keppel center
TEL 1310551-2888
FAX 123456
Academic Degree
License Number 123456
License Issue Date January ,
License Expiration Date , 2015
Area of Expertise
  • Finance
  • Subsidy
  • Bank
  • Software
  • Self-Bookkeeping
  • Registration/Bookkeeping
  • Salary
  • Outsource Bookkeeping
  • Settlement ( Firms/ Individuals)
  • Final Tax return (Individual)
  • Tax Adjustment
  • Construction
  • Service
  • Telecommunications(IT)
  • Retail
  • Lawyer
  • Notary
  • Judicial
Accounting Software
  • Chinese(Basic)
  • Korean(Basic)
  • French(Basic)
  • Japanese(Basic)
  • Japanese(Basic)

Area Map of Jaime Suralta Accounting Firm

409 Keppel center Los Angeles Los Angeles County CA
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